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We want a Perl 6 book. We want it badly enough to write it ourselves. So that's
what we're doing: writing one.
You can download the preliminary PDF version of the book at
Changes/additions to the Perl 6 book since the previous release:
* Lots of grammar and typo fixes
* Added relationship between Perl 6 and Perl 5 to preface
* Avoid mojibake where possble
* Basics chapter
- created this chapter
- fleshed out some examples
- added some exercises
* Regex chapter
- added some text on subsitution and look-arounds
- added explanation of Match objects
- added character classes
* Grammar chapter
- added explanation of inheritance in Perl 6 grammars
- added explanation of grammar action methods
* Objects chapter
- added some exercises with answers
There have also been some changes to the support scripts and support
documents for producing the book. These include:
* Updated outline of the book
* Added technical TODOs
* Added some sample scripts to be worked into various chapters
* Add a release target for the Makefile
* Updated the release guide
Interested in helping? Check out the git repository at
<>, and join us in
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