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@@ -271,6 +271,48 @@ before it ever prints C<'A'> or C<'B'>.
C<perform> call? Is there even a way to prevent cycles from ever forming
through C<add-dependency>?
Answer: To detect the precese of a cycle during a C<perform> call, we can
keep track of which C<Task>s have been started, and prevent a C<Task> from
starting twice before finishing:
augment class Task {
has Bool $!started = False;
method perform() {
if $!started++ && !$!done {
die "Cycle detected, aborting";
unless $!done {
.perform() for @!dependencies;
$!done = True;
We can detect cycles and stop them at the door on the C<add-dependency> stage
by checking whether there's already a dependency running in the other
direction. (Only in such a situation would a cycle occur.) To do this, we
introduce the helper method C<depends-on>, which checks whether a task
depends on another one, either directly or transitively. Note how we use
C<»> and C<[||]> to write succinctly what would otherwise have involved
looping over all the dependencies of the C<Task>.
augment class Task {
method depends-on(Task $some-task) {
$some-task === any(@!dependencies)
[||] @!dependencies».depends-on($some-task)
method add-dependency(Task $dependency) {
if $dependency.depends-on(self) {
warn 'Cannot add that task, since it would introduce a cycle.';
push @!dependencies, $dependency;
3. How could we modify the C<Task> class so that a C<Task> object executes
its dependencies in parallel? (Think especially about how to avoid collisions
in "diamond dependencies", where a C<Task> has two different dependencies

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