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[Makefile] parameterized inkscape executable

Mac users might have to hand-edit the Makefile to make Inkscape work
correctly -- I did. I guess a step could be made to
probe the system automatically, but the current setup works for now.
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1 parent 41cd141 commit 86b2f11ec3ad363c44bf3a1c51d308c1494e1128 @masak masak committed Oct 23, 2009
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@@ -4,10 +4,15 @@ CHAPTERS = src/preface.pod \
src/regexes.pod \
+# If you're on a Mac, and installed Inkscape via MacPorts, you might want to
+# manually uncomment the next line, and remove the one after it.
+#INKSCAPE = /Applications/
+INKSCAPE = inkscape
default: build/book.pdf
build/mmd-table.pdf: src/mmd-table.svg
- inkscape --export-pdf=build/mmd-table.pdf -D src/mmd-table.svg
+ $(INKSCAPE) --export-pdf=build/mmd-table.pdf -D src/mmd-table.svg
build/book.pdf: build/book.tex build/mmd-table.pdf
cd build && pdflatex book.tex

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