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announcement for 2010-06 release

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+We want a Perl 6 book. We want it badly enough to write it ourselves. So that's
+what we're doing: writing one.
+Changes/additions to the Perl 6 book since the previous release:
+* Operators
+ - comparison operators, smart matching
+* Subroutines and Signatures
+ - type constraints
+ - captures
+ - introspection
+* Grammar chapter
+ - fixed to work with newest Rakudo
+ - use and explain proto tokens.
+* Lots of rendering fixes
+ (Some of these fixes require a new version of Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX, which
+ isn't released yet. You can get it from
+ Until these changes are released to CPAN, the adaptions in the book stay in
+ the branch called 'ng'.)
+You can download the preliminary PDF version of the book at
+Interested? Check out the git repository at <>,
+and join us in irc://
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