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=begin pod
=TITLE class Buf
class Buf does Positional { ... }
A C<Buf> (short for buffer) is a binary string, and generally returned from
low-level IO operations (C<$$number-of-by)>) or from C<Str.encode>.
It can be used to for writing to IO handles as C<$io.write($buf)>.
In the abstract it is just a list of integers, so
for example indexing into a C<Buf> with C<.[$idx]> returns an C<Int>.
=head1 Methods
=head2 new
method new(*@codes)
Creates a C<Buf> from a list of integers.
=head2 Bool
multi method Bool(Buf:D:)
Returns C<False> if and only if the buffer is empty.
=head2 elems
multi method elems(Buf:D:) returns Int:D
Returns the number of elements of the buffer.
=head2 decode
multi method decode(Buf:D: Str:D $encoding = 'UTF-8') returns Str:D
Applies an encoding to turn the buffer into a C<Str>.
=head2 subbuf
method subbuf(Int $from, Int $len = self.elems) returns Buf:D
Extracts a part of the invocant buffer, statrting from the index with
elements C<$from>, and taking C<$len> elements (or less if the buffer is
shorter), and creates a new buffer as the result.
say, 4); # Buf:0x<03 04 05 06>
=end pod
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