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=begin pod
=TITLE class Iterator
class Iterator is Iterable { }
A C<Iterator> is an object that can generate or provide elements of a
sequence. Users usually don't have to care about iterators, their usage
is hidden behind iteration APIs such as C<for @list { }>, L<map>, L<grep>
and list indexing with C<.[$idx]>.
Iterators provide an immutable view of a sequence, though the actual elements
in the sequence can still be mutable.
=head1 Methods
=head2 reify
method reify(Iterator:D: $n) returns Parcel:D
Returns at least C<$n> elements of the sequence, followed by additional
iterators needed to generate the remaining elements.
Subsequent calls to C<reify> on the same object must return the same
L<Parcel>, even if C<$n> changed between the calls.
=head2 infinite
method infinite(Iterator:D:)
Returns C<True> if the sequence being iterated is known to be infinite,
C<False> if it is known to be finite, and C<Mu> if the iterator does not know
if the sequence is finite or infinite.
=end pod
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