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=begin pod
=TITLE Core modules
=SUBTITLE Core modules that may be useful to module authors
The Rakudo implementation has a few modules included you may want to use. The
following is a list of them, along with links to their source code.
=head2 C<CompUnit::*> modules and roles
X<|CompUnit (Rakudo classes)>
These modules are mostly used by distribution build tools, and are not intended
to be used (at least until version 6.c) by the final user.
=item L«C<CompUnit::Repository::Staging>|».
=item L<C<CompUnit::Repository::(FileSystem|Installation|AbsolutePath|Unknown|NQP|Perl6|RepositoryRegistry)>|>.
=head2 C<NativeCall> modules
=item L«C<NativeCall>|» Native Calling Interface (L<docs|>)
=item L«C<NativeCall::Types>|» Used by C<NativeCall>
=item L«C<NativeCall::Compiler::GNU>|» Used by C<NativeCall>
=item L«C<NativeCall::Compiler::MSVC>|» Used by C<NativeCall>
=head2 Other modules
=item L«C<Pod::To::Text>|» Used by several external modules
=item L«C<Test>|» Test routines (L<docs|/language/testing>)
=item L«C<experimental>|»
=item L«C<newline>|»
=end pod
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