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=begin pod :kind("Type") :subkind("class") :category("domain-specific")
=TITLE class IO::Path::Cygwin
=SUBTITLE IO::Path pre-loaded with IO::Spec::Cygwin
class IO::Path::Cygwin is IO::Path { }
This sub-class of L«C<IO::Path>|/type/IO::Path», pre-loaded with
L«C<IO::Spec::Cygwin>|/type/IO::Spec::Cygwin» in the C<$.SPEC> attribute.
=head1 Methods
=head2 method new
Same as L«C<>|/type/IO::Path#method_new», except
C<:$SPEC> cannot be set and defaults to
L«C<IO::Spec::Cygwin>|/type/IO::Spec::Cygwin», regardless of the operating
system the code is being run on.
=head2 method perl
Defined as:
method perl(IO::Path::Cygwin:D: --> Str:D)
Returns a string that, when given passed through L«C<EVAL>|/routine/EVAL»
gives the original invocant back."foo/bar").perl.say;
# OUTPUT:"foo/bar", :CWD("/home/camelia"))
Note that this string includes the value of the C<.CWD> attribute that is set
to L«C<$*CWD>|/language/variables#Dynamic_variables» when the path
object was created, by default.
=end pod
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=perl6
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