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=begin pod :kind("Type") :subkind("role") :category("metamodel") =TITLE role Metamodel::ParametricRoleHOW =SUBTITLE Represents a non-instantiated, parameterized, role. class Metamodel::ParametricRoleHOW does Metamodel::Naming does Metamodel::Documenting does Metamodel::Versioning does Metamodel::MethodContainer does Metamodel::PrivateMethodContainer does Metamodel::MultiMethodContainer does Metamodel::AttributeContainer does Metamodel::RoleContainer does Metamodel::MultipleInheritance does Metamodel::Stashing does Metamodel::TypePretense does Metamodel::RolePunning does Metamodel::ArrayType {} A C represents a non-instantiated, possibly parameterized, role: =for code (role Zape[::T] {}).HOW.say;# OUTPUT: «␤» (role Zape {}).HOW.say; # OUTPUT: «␤» As usual, C<.new_type> will create a new object of this class. =for code my \zipi := Metamodel::ParametricRoleHOW.new_type( name => "zape", group => "Zape"); say zipi.HOW; # OUTPUT: «␤» The extra C argument will need to be used to integrate it in a parametric role group, which will need to be defined in advance. I: As most of the C classes, this one is here mainly for illustration purposes and it's not intended for the final user to instantiate, unless their intention is really to create a parametric role group. =end pod
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