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=begin pod =TITLE class X::Method::Private::Permission =SUBTITLE Compilation error due to calling a private method without permission class X::Method::Private::Permission does X::Comp { } Compile time error thrown when the code contains a call to a private method that isn't defined in the current class, and when no appropriate trusts relation is defined that permits the private method call. For example =for code :skip-test 1!Int::foo dies with =for code :lang ===SORRY!=== Cannot call private method 'foo' on package Int because it does not trust GLOBAL =head1 Methods =head2 method method method method(--> Str:D) The name of the private method =head2 method source-package method source-package(--> Mu:D) Returns the type object that (supposedly) contains the private method. =head2 method calling-package method calling-package(--> Mu:D) Returns the package in which the calling code is, and which the source package does not trust. =end pod
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