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=begin pod :kind("Type") :subkind("class") :category("exception") =TITLE class X::NYI =SUBTITLE Error due to use of an unimplemented feature class X::NYI is Exception { } Error class for unimplemented features. I stands for I. If a Perl 6 compiler is not yet feature complete, it may throw an C exception when a program uses a feature that it can detect and is somehow specified is not yet implemented. A full-featured Perl 6 compiler must not throw such exceptions, but still provide the C class for compatibility reasons. A typical error message is =for code :lang HyperWhatever is not yet implemented. Sorry. =head1 Methods =head2 method new method new( :$feature, :$did-you-mean, :$workaround) This is the default constructor for C which can take three parameters with obvious meanings. =begin code class Nothing { method ventured( $sub, **@args) { feature => &?, did-you-mean => "gained", workaround => "Implement it yourself" ).throw; } } my $nothing =; $nothing.ventured("Nothing", "Gained"); =end code In this case, we are throwing an exception that indicates that the C routine has not been implemented; we use the generic C<&?> to not tie the exception to the method name in case it is changed later on. This code effectively throws this exception =begin code # OUTPUT: # ventured not yet implemented. Sorry. # Did you mean: gained? # Workaround: Implement it yourself # in method ventured at NYI.p6 line 6 # in block at NYI.p6 line 14 =end code Using the exception properties, it composes the message that we see there. =head2 method feature Returns a C describing the missing feature. =head2 method did-you-mean Returns a C indicating the optional feature that is already implemented. =head2 method workaround It helpfully shows a possible workaround for the missing feature, if it's been declared. =head2 method message Returns the message including the above properties. =end pod
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