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=begin pod :kind("Type") :subkind("class") :category("exception") =TITLE class X::Syntax::Malformed =SUBTITLE Compilation error due to a malformed construct (usually a declarator) class X::Syntax::Malformed does X::Syntax {} The Perl 6 compiler throws errors of type C when it knows what kind of declaration it is parsing, and encounters a syntax error, but can't give a more specific error message. =for code :skip-test my Int a; # throws an X::Syntax::Malformed produces =for code :lang ===SORRY!=== Malformed my at -e:1 ------> my Int ⏏a =head1 Methods =head2 method what method what(X::Syntax::Malformed:D: --> Str) Returns a description of the thing that was being parsed. =end pod
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