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Squashathon HOW TO

SQUASHathons happen monthly in the Perl 6 community, with every other one devoted to this repository. It will help the organization of the hackathon if you follow these rules when participating in it.

  1. Always work against an issue. If you find some typo or any other kind of error for which an issue does not exist, please create one.
  2. Always work on assigned issues. Assignments get echoed in the perl6 IRC channel, so everyone knows someone is working on that.
  3. You can only assign issues to contributors, so if someone who is not a contributor asks to be assigned something, please assign it to yourself (provided you are a contributor) and do an @ mention with the nick of the actual assignee in the issue.
  4. Start by solving one of the good first issues or the ones labeles hacktoberfest. Leave other ones till the end of the day (so that others can start with something easy too). If you are already experienced, don't be afraid to tackle other, more difficult, issues, starting with the oldest.