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[Instant] Add link to Duration page

Now Instant contains a link to Duration as well as vice-versa.
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1 parent c0352f6 commit 02812fb53665a1f3a257b7852e9f084fb2784964 @ShimmerFairy ShimmerFairy committed Jul 9, 2012
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2 lib/Instant.pod
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ An C<Instant> can be used to create a C<DateTime> object set to that
C<Instant>. The pseudo-constant C<now> returns the current time as an
-Basic math is defined for C<Instant>s (as well as C<Duration>s). Adding an
+Basic math is defined for C<Instant>s (as well as L<Duration>s). Adding an
C<Instant> to a C<Duration> returns another Instant. Subtracting two C<Instant>s
will yield a C<Duration>. Adding two C<Instant>s is explicitly disallowed. All
other operations with Instants are undefined.

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