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[Pair] elaborate on literals; add X<> anchors

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@@ -8,12 +8,18 @@ Consists of two parts, a I<key> and a I<value>. C<Pair>s can be seen as the
atomic units in C<Hash>es, and they are also used in conjunction with named
arguments and parameters.
+X<:> X<< => >> X<:!>
There are three syntaxes for C<Pair>s:
'key' => 'value' # this...
:key<value> # ...means the same as this
:$foo # short for foo => $foo
+Variants of this are
+ :key # same as key => True
+ :!key # same as key => False
The immutable version of a C<Pair> is an C<Enum>.
=head1 Methods

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