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Reword deprecation of parse-names

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zoffixznet committed Aug 15, 2018
1 parent e0843c3 commit 13a88120158ddbbb9e06484740448c712781e8f9
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@@ -343,10 +343,8 @@ See also: L«:16<FF> syntax for number literals|/syntax/Number%20literals»
sub parse-names(Str:D $names --> Str:D)
method parse-names(Str:D $names: --> Str:D)
B<DEPRECATED>. Existed only in pre-release proposal version of 6.d language and
was eventually renamed to L<uniparse>. In Rakudo implementation,
issues deprecation warnings in 6.d language and will be removed entirely when
6.e language is released.
B<DEPRECATED>. Use L<uniparse> instead. Existed in Rakudo implementation as a proof of viability
implementation before being renamed and will be removed when 6.e language is released.
=head2 routine uniparse

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