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[operators] let and temp

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@@ -481,4 +481,22 @@ details.
Creates a I<one> L<Junction> from its arguments. See L<Junction> for more
+=head1 Named Unary Precedence
+=head2 prefix temp
+ sub prefix:<temp>(Mu $a is rw)
+"temporizes" the variable passed as the argument, which means it is reset
+to its old value on scope exit. (This is similar to the
+L<local|> operator in Perl 5,
+except that C<temp> does not reset the value).
+=head2 prefix let
+ sub prefix:<let>(Mu $a is rw)
+Hypothetical reset: if the current scope is exited either through an exception
+or C<fail()>, the old value is restored.
=end pod

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