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[Str] implement adverbs for .subst

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moritz committed Dec 25, 2012
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@@ -364,6 +364,25 @@ Here are other examples of usage:
$str.subst(/foo/, "bar", :nth(3)); # replace nth match alone. Replaces the third foo. Returns Hey foo foo bar
+The following adverbs are supported
+=begin table
+ short long meaning
+ ===== ==== =======
+ :g :global tries to match as often as possible
+ :nth(Int) only substitute the nth's match
+ :ss :samespace preserves whitespace on subsitution
+ :ii :samecase preserives case on substitution
+ :x(Int) substitute exactly $x matches
+=end table
+Note that only in the C<s///> form C<:ii> implies C<:i> and C<:ss> implies
+C<:s>. In the method form, the C<:s> and C<:i> modifiers must be added to the
+regex, not the C<subst> method call.
=head2 substr
multi sub substr(Str:D $s, Int:D $from, Int:D $chars = $s.chars - $from) returns Str:D

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