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[type-graph] update for new inheritance relations, japhb++

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1 parent 0da2f33 commit 95ca0067f51f4f31f69258a8eade0a9f6eceac6d @moritz moritz committed Aug 18, 2012
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@@ -254,8 +254,8 @@ class X::Comp::NYI is X::NYI does X::Comp
class X::Signature::Placeholder does X::Comp
class X::Placeholder::Block does X::Comp
-class X::Placeholder::Mainline does X::Comp
-class X::Attribute::Undeclared does X::Comp
+class X::Placeholder::Mainline is X::Placeholder::Block
+class X::Attribute::Undeclared is X::Undeclared
class X::Redeclaration does X::Comp
class X::Undeclared does X::Comp
class X::Phaser::Multiple does X::Comp

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