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Throws C<X::Cannot::Capture>.
=head1 Runtime creation of Signature objects (6.d, 2019.01 and later) => (...), returns => Type, arity => 1, count => 1)
In some situations, specifically when working with the MetaObject Protocol,
it makes sense to create C<Signature> objects programmatically. For this
purpose, you can call the C<new> method with the following named parameters:
=item params
A list of L<Parameter|/type/Parameter> objects for this signature.
=item returns
Any constraint the return value should match. Defaults to C<Mu>, which
effectively implies no return value constraint check.
=item arity
The I<minimal> number of positional arguments required to satisfy the
signature. Defaults to the number of C<Parameter> objects given with
the C<params> parameter.
=item count
The I<maximal> number of positional arguments which can be bound to the
signature. Defaults to the C<arity> if not specified. Specify C<Inf> if
there is a slurpy positional parameter.
=end pod

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