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Fix out-of-date test

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1 parent e64715c commit db7f995109773b6c2479f93b227811fad6c93e41 @japhb japhb committed Aug 16, 2012
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ ok $t.types<List>.roles.any eq 'Positional',
'List does positional';
is $t.types<Str>.mro, 'Str Cool Any Mu', 'Str mro';
is $t.types<Match>.mro, 'Match Capture Cool Any Mu', 'Match mro';
-is $t.types<Stash>.super.any, 'Any', 'Any as default parent works';
+is $t.types<Exception>.super.any, 'Any', 'Any as default parent works';
is $t.types<Any>.super, 'Mu', 'default-Any did not add a parent to Any';

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