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We, the module installer developers, hereby decree...

Too official? Ok, I'll go again.

In this repository you'll find metadata for projects and modules. It's nice to have that in a central place, apart from any specific module installer (cough proto neutro pls cough), for at least these three reasons:

  • The set of people who want access to a module installer and the set of people who want access to module metadata are two different sets.

  • If each installer has one set of metadata, that's more for everyone to keep updated. If it's in a central place, there's less work.

  • The list of projects in the ecosystem is really an orthogonal to the installer, or even an installer. It might be used for other things, such as rendering the list at

To add a new module to the ecosystem, add the URL of the module's raw file to the META.list file here in the ecosystem. Since the updates to the ecosystem are announced in the #perl6 IRC channel, it is helpful if you include the HTTP URL to your repo in your commit message, so others could easily view your new module, e.g.:

git commit -m 'Add FooBar to ecosystem' -m 'See'

So there you go. It probably bears repeating that all of this is quite temporary; something to sustain us until we can hook up with CPAN goodness in some more long-term way.

Have a nice day.

Common Errors

Some of these issues commonly occur. Be sure to check your distro:


  • Check that your META file contains valid JSON. To do so, you can use an online service, such as JSON Lint.
  • Ensure you have a provides section that lists all the modules in your distriubtion, with correct filenames; otherwise your module will not be installable.

There is a module Test::META that can help you detect some, but not all, the common problems people have with the META files.