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@@ -70,10 +70,29 @@ missing, the value in the C<source-url> field will be used instead.
I<NOTE>: At the time of writing, C<git> is the only type that is known to be
supported by an installer.
+=item C<author>
+The author of the module.
The module author can also add any number of other fields he or she wants.
+=head1 Example
+This is an example F<> file for a module called C<Fast::Food> written
+by Ronald McDonald.
+ {
+ "name" : "Fast::Food",
+ "version" : "1.2.3",
+ "author" : "Ronald McDonald",
+ "description" : "Orders virtual fast food that no one can eat",
+ "depends" : [],
+ "source-type" : "git",
+ "source-url" : "git://"
+ }
=head1 The Directory Structure
The project directory can contain any of the following subdirectories:

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