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Modules which have no license field or non-standard values for "license" #324

samcv opened this Issue Apr 21, 2017 · 0 comments


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samcv commented Apr 21, 2017

I have automated most of the pull requests below, to ones where it is indisputable what the License of the project was, either due there only being one LICENSE and it matching copies of those licenses almost exactly, or the metadata for license key was set to something such as "The Artistic License 2.0" or the URL of the Artistic License or something ambiguous and able to be automated.

I am posting this here since I have finished the automated stage and going forward most of the rest will probably have to be checked manually to check what license they actually are (for those that have a LICENSE type file), or for those which don't opening an issue for the project.

Dual Licensing

Though it is not yet in S22, the way to denote a dual license using the SPDX spec is as below:

A license which allows you to use subsequent later versions if you choose

Common with GPL licenses. Example: GPL-3.0+. You can use a + after the license name to denote this. The + syntax is universal, and can technically be applied to any license, though in practice an "or later" clause is most often found in GPL (though please note GPL-3.0 means ONLY GPL-3.0, GPL-3.0 does not imply that you may use any later version).

Example using the licensing of the Perl 5 project, which is dual licensed under Artistic 1.0 as sourced from the Perl site and the GPL-1.0 (or greater):
Artistic-1.0-Perl OR GPL-1.0+

Detailed information about the ones which do not yet have Pull Requests can be seen in this JSON here:

Note: jonathanstowe has stated he would not like any PR regarding metadata to his projects
This list contains all non-standard identifiers, and a very small number which have no license at all (added manually and not computer generated like the non-standard identifier ones were).

No PR or Issue

  • Terminal::ANSIColor (R*)
  • Template::Mojo (R*)
  • Linenoise (R*)
  • PSGI (R*)
  • MIME::Base64 (R*)
  • Pod::To::HTML (R*)
  • rakudo-debugger (R*)
  • File::Find (R*)
  • Inline::Scheme::Guile
  • CompUnit::DynamicLib
  • Digest::SHA1::Native
  • EventSource::Server
  • RPi::Device::PiGlow
  • Acme::Insult::Lala
  • Archive::SimpleZip
  • RPi::Device::SMBus
  • Algorithm::Tarjan
  • Audio::Liquidsoap
  • Getopt::ForClass
  • CompUnit::Search
  • Audio::PortAudio
  • Crypt::TweetNacl
  • Hash::MultiValue
  • Printer::ESCPOS
  • App::ModuleSnap
  • Audio::PortMIDI
  • Monitor::Monit
  • Music::Helpers
  • IO::Path::Mode
  • Perl6::Parser
  • Unicode::GCB
  • Doublephone
  • Task::Noise
  • Pg::Notify
  • Log::Async
  • Lumberjack
  • XML::Class
  • Test::META
  • Manifesto
  • DOM::Tiny
  • Clifford
  • GraphQL
  • ANTLR4
  • META6

Outstanding Issue

Outstanding PR


Note repeated from above: jonathanstowe has stated he would not like any PR regarding metadata to his projects

Merged or Fixed

@samcv samcv changed the title from Modules which use non-standard values for "license" to Modules which have no license field or non-standard values for "license" Apr 24, 2017

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