Most Wanted Modules

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Here be the list of modules wanted for Perl6

NOTE: This has been replaced by the Perl6 Most Wanted Project

  • ExtUtils::Command: Port from Perl 5 (or should that be Shell::Command?)
  • Email::MIME
  • HTTP::Response (and likely HTTP::Request too). LWP::Simple is evolving and evolving, so maybe there's a need for a full-blown LWP? (Of course! Preferably with JavaScript handling at some point..) In the meantime, check out WWW::App, which has WWW::Response and WWW::Request as well as convenient sugar coating for even easier development.
  • SSL
  • Digest::* (preferably with a unified API) - MD5 and SHA256 already exist. What other Digests are wanted?
  • All the boring stuff like PDF, Excel etc
  • Data formats of all kinds from SOAP, CSV, YouNameIt (ideally Grammar - validating - generating - parsing - the whole range)
  • Net::* - all kinds of networking stuff
  • A common widget set (Qt, Gtk)
  • OpenGL
  • Something like either GD, Imager or Image Magick
  • GZIP!
  • Curses[*], Readline - all things terminal-ish
  • Crypto - GPG etc
  • Text::Template
  • Config::Simple

  • Smart::Match, mebbe with a bit different name?