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Ecosystem SQUASHathon

This event is over! See results.

The Perl 6 community celebrates a monthly bug squash day, and we make the one in October coincide with the Hacktoberfest.

The SQUASHathon will be on Saturday (October 6th). All timezones included (UTC-12⌁UTC+14), so effectively it will begin at 2018-10-05T10:00Z and end at 2018-10-05T12:00Z.


If you want to participate as a contributor:

  • Although this page is for the SQUASHathon, it is also advised to take a look at the rules of Hacktoberfest: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/#gettingstarted (there are also many good advices)
  • Look at the issues of participating repositories and try to contribute.
  • Any contribution counts (even filing a ticket), but PRs are the most valuable. For Hacktoberfest: only PRs are counted.

Participating repos:

There is also a list of issues marked with hacktoberfest label. But keep in mind that some of the repositories listed there may be participating in the Hacktoberfest but not in the SQUASHathon.


  • Every squashathon contributor gets free virtual pizza!
  • One person (that makes most/best PRs) for the Squashathon will receive a plush camelia. A real, physical one!
  • On a related note, contributors who participate in Hacktoberfest (and do enough PRs) will likely receive a T-shirt from DigitalOcean. plush camelia

Module maintainers

If you have modules written in Perl 6, consider participating. To join you should:

That's it! Please be ready to help contributors and merge their PRs.

This webhook will be active during the SQUASHathon on Saturday 6th. All timezones included (UTC-12⌁UTC+14), so effectively it will be on 2018-10-05T10:00Z2018-10-05T12:00Z. During that time, every code or repo change will be broadcast to the #perl6 IRC channel. Hang around as much (or little) as you want, ask/answer questions, help others or ask for help.


What's the difference between SQUASHathon and Hacktoberfest?

SQUASHathon is a 1 day (50-hours) long event organized by Perl 6 community every month (on a first Saturday of every month). Hacktoberfest is an event organized by DigitalOcean every year (in October).

So it just happens that if you participate in SQUASHathon you're also participating in Hacktoberfest, as long as you follow their rules.

Can I participate only in the SQUASHathon or only in the Hacktoberfest?


  • As a maintainer: if you don't create a webhook, you're not participating in the SQUASHathon. If you don't add hacktoberfest labels to your issues, then you're not participating in Hacktoberfest.
  • As a contributor: just follow or don't follow the rules of a corresponding event.


This event is over! 👍👍 to all participants! We hope there was enough virtual pizza for everyone.

In total there were 18 participants and 21 pull requests. Other contributions (comments, tickets, commits) were also considered.

Full log reported by the bot is available here. Same log but sorted alphabetically is here.

🎉🎉🎉 And the winner is @JJ 🎉🎉🎉
Please contact @lizmat to get your well-deserved stuffed camelia!

Among other contributions during the event, @JJ did 8 pull requests and also merged some in their own repos. Great job!

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