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<title>Feature comparison of Perl 6 compilers</title>
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.implemented, .implemented a {
background-color: #3c3;
color: white;
.partial , .partial a {
background-color: #fb4;
color: #333;
.missing , .missing a {
background-color: #f55;
color: white;
.unknown , .unknown a {
background-color: #ccc;
color: white;
.implemented, .partial, .missing, .unknown {
text-align: center;
width: 150px;
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font-family: monospace;
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<img src="" alt="Camelia, the Perl 6 bug" align="right">
<h1>Feature comparison of Perl 6 compilers</h1>
<p><a href="">Summary
<dt class="implemented">+</dt>
<dt class="partial">&#177;</dt>
<dd>partially implemented</dd>
<dt class="missing">-</dt>
<dd>not yet implemented</dd>
<dt class="unknown">?</dt>
<dd>unknown status</dd>
<%loop compilers%>
<th><a href="<%var url%>"><%var name%></a></th>
<%loop sections%>
<tr><th class="subsection" id="<%var section escape=url%>"><%var section%></th></tr>
<%loop items%>
<tr><td><%var item%></td>
<%loop ratings%>
<td><div class="<%var class%>"><%var status%><%if footnote%><sup class="footnote_link">&nbsp;<a href="#footnote_<%var footnote%>" title="<%var foottext%>"><%var footnote%></a></sup><%/if%>
<%loop spec%>
<a href='<%var spec%>'>spec</a>
<%loop code%>
<a href='<%var code%>'>code</a>
<%loop footnotes%>
<li id="footnote_<%var id%>"><%var text%></li>
<p>Please note that this feature matrix generally represents the state of
the latest development versions of the compilers, not that of the latest
<hr />
This page is generated by <code></code> from
<code>template.html</code> and <code>features.json</code>, all of
which can be found in the <a
repository. The canonical location for this page is at
<a href=""></a>
and is updated at least hourly.
If you find any information here lacking or inaccurate, please fix it
in the repository mentioned above. If you don't have commit access
yet, please ask on <a href="">the #perl6
IRC channel</a>.
<p class="minor">
The data to generate this page was last updated <%var when%>;
The page itself was updated <%var now%>
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