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These are the scripts to generate the website on


Want to help out? Check if any open Issues exist that you might be able to solve. We also have a list of TODO ideas you might be interested in.


Please use the following steps to aid you in your development:

  • Create a token with access to public repositories. To run the scripts, you need a GitHub token with rights to query Perl 6 module GitHub repository information.

  • Save the token in file named github-token

  • Install prerequisites for build script:

    $ perl Build.PL
    $ ./Build installdeps
  • Run build script
    $ perl bin/ --limit=<number-of-modules>

You can also create file META.list.local that contains specific URLs you may wish to fetch for debug purposes. Use the --meta-list argument to specify the location of that file. See --help for all options.

  • The build script automatically starts the Mojolicious app that powers the front end. To disable that behaviour, specify the --no-app-start flag:
    $ perl bin/ --no-app-start

Browser Support

We support the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Please test layout changes. Lacking actual browers to test in, you can use or

Front-End App

This is the app that reads the database generated by the script and displays web pages. See file in the mojo-app directory

Seeing your changes

Once committed, the production cron job will pick up your changes on the 20th and 50th minutes of every hour. The script can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

20,50   *       *       *       *       sh > log/update.log 2>&1; cp log/update.log /var/www/

The cron job results can be found here.

Note About Cache

Certain data is cached by the site and is only updated when some event (like new commits to the dist's repo) happens. This includes travis statuses, logotypes, and Koality metrics. If your changes require doing so, you can trigger a full rebuild of the database and refresh of caches by including [REBUILD] as part of the title of your commit message.

If you are adding a feature that caches something, it needs to watch for FULL_REBUILD environmental variable and refresh the caches if that variable is set to a true value.


Intial version contributed by patrickas++ on #perl6


Artistic License 2.0

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