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Here are papers which are currently coming up in converstation.
This list is intended to be more transient and speculative than
READTHEM, but less transient, and perhaps more curated, than #perl6.
It was prompted by me having to grovel over several weeks of irc log
to dig up the name of a paper I wanted to read.
Adding comments about the papers is welcome/encouraged.
Papers which stick around for a while, or are highly thought of, or
relevant could be moved to READTHEM.
Last updated 2007-Feb-23.
At bottom. :/
A Functional Perspective on SSA Optimisation Algorithms
[mentioned by autrijus, 2005-10-03],Mon#l1354
The Banana Papers
Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire
Bananas in Space: Extending Fold and Unfold to Exponential Types
Revisiting Catamorphisms over Datatypes with Embedded Functions
Dealing with Large Bananas
[mentioned by autrijus, 2005-10-11],Tue#l849
Object-Oriented Style Overloading for Haskell
[mentioned by gaal, 2005-10-30],Sun#l648
Papers about transactional memory in Haskell
[mentioned by fanf2, 2005-11-03],Thu#l373
A Gentle Introduction to Semantic Subtyping
[mentioned by autrijus, 2005-11-26],Sat#l78
Hybrid Type Checking
[mentioned by audreyt, 2006-Jan]
Haskell is not not ML
[mentioned by audreyt, 2006-Jan]
Types for Modules
[mentioned by stevan, 2006-Jan]
Scalable Component Abstractions
[mentioned by putter, 2006-01-16],Mon#l44
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
[mentioned by nothingmuch, 2006-01-25],Wed#l300
Digital Manipulatives: New Toys to Think With
[mentioned by putter, 2006-01-27],Fri#l415
The History of Haskell (draft)
[mentioned by audreyt, 2006-02-11],Sat#l263
The 3 early boilerplate papers, by Simon Peyton Jones
[mentioned by stevan, 2006-03-03],Fri#l27
Growing a Language
[mentioned by audreyt, 2006-03-14],Tue#l1145
Combinators for bi-directional tree transformations
a linguistic approach to the view update problem
[mentioned by audreyt, 2006-04-03],Mon#l462
Traits Papers
[mentioned by stevan, 2006-05-16]
<stevan> [...] (1st and 3rd papers in the list),Tue#l841
SuperGlue: Component Programming with Object-oriented Signals
[mentioned by nothingmuch, 2006-06-07],Wed#l484
Open data types and open functions
[mentioned by audreyt 2006-07-31],Mon&sel=283#l459
Software Extension and Integration with Type Classes
[mentioned by audreyt 2006-08-06],Wed&sel=20#l41
Smash your boiler-plate without class and Typeable
[mentioned by audreyt 2006-08-13],Sun&sel=323#l571
The Semicolon Wars
[mentioned by [particle] 2006-08-14]
Gradual Typing for Functional Languages
[mentioned by nothingmuch 2006-08-30],Wed#l615
Title: Rewriting Haskell Strings
[mentioned by audreyt 2006-09-04]
Software Extension and Integration with Type Classes
[mentioned by gaal 2006-10-10]
Open data types and open functions
[mentioned by gaal 2007-Feb-23]
"an advantage of using existentials as they are layed out in this
newVal thing is "open types" ... the idea is code organization, you
can define a type in some Hs compilation unit other than where the
base Val type was mentioend"
A language-based approach to unifying events and threads
[mentioned by audreyt 2007-Feb-09]