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Please add your topic and name after each day that you plan to take.
A utility script for converting Markdown to syntax-highlighted HTML
1: Zoffix: "The Grinch of Perl 6: A Practical Guide to Ruining Christmas"
2: Zoffix: "Perl 6: Sigils, Variables, and Containers"
3: JJ: "Literary Ops with Perl6"
4: moritz: "Parsing with Gramars (Book Extract)"
5: CurtTilmes: "Destructure your Arguments with Perl 6 Signatures"
6: comborico1611: TBA
7: DrForr: "Test All the Things"
8: tbrowder: "Adventures in NQP Land: Hacking the Rakudo Compiler"
9: jnthn: HTTP and WebSockets with Cro
10: bduggan: "Measurement with Rats"
11: ash: "All the Stars of Perl 6, or * ** *"
12: moritz: "Perl 6 Books"
13: titsuki: "Mining Wikipedia with Perl 6"
14: albastev: "Tackling a big Grammar in Perl 6"
15: virtualsue: "Web Spider with Promises"
16: Ulti: "Deck The Halls With Perf Improvements"
17: RabidGravy: "Something About Messaging"
18: nige: "Perl 6 powered workflow"
19: koorchik: "Language Independent Validation Rules (LIVR) for Perl6"
20: vendethiel: "Advancements in macrotechnologies"
21: scimon: "Sudoku solving with Sets and Junctions"
22: lizmat: Features of Perl 6.d
23: AlexDaniel: “The Wonders of Perl 6 Golf”
24: Coke: "Solving a Rubik's Cube"
25: ramiroencinas: "Concurrent HTTP Perl6 implementation and the script’s point of view"