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get up -> svk up
== The plan! ==
Stevan suggested we take a Public Enemy song - Don't Believe the Hype. I'm
pasting the lyrics here, for our version: Perl 6 - Please Believe the Hype.
Lines marked with -- are from the original song
-- Back
-- Caught you lookin' for the same thing
something about exceptions being caught
-- It's a new thing check out this I bring
keep this one
-- Uh Oh the roll below the level
compiling all your code to lower levels
-- 'Cause I'm livin' low next to the bass C'mon
-- Turn up the radio
-- They claim that I'm a criminal
-- By now I wonder how
-- Some people never know
-- The enemy could be their friend guardian
-- I'm not a hooligan
-- I rock the party and
-- Clear all the madness, I'm not a racist
racist stuff - talk about python libraries
-- Preach to teach to all
-- 'Cause some they never had this
-- Number one, not born to run
-- About the gun...
-- I wasn't licensed to have one
-- The minute they see me, fear me
-- I'm the epitome - a public enemy
-- Used, abused without clues
oh, this is lovely!
-- I refused to blow a fuse
-- They even had it on the news
-- Don't believe the hype...
Please believe the hype
-- Yes
-- Was the start of my last jam
-- So here it is again, another def jam
-- But since I gave you all a little something
-- That we knew you lacked
-- They still consider me a new jack
-- All the critics you can hang'em
-- I'll hold the rope
-- But they hope to the pope
-- And pray it ain't dope
-- The follower of Farrakhan
-- Don't tell me that you understand
-- Until you hear the man
-- The book of the new school rap game
-- Writers treat me like Coltrane, insane
-- Yes to them, but to me I'm a different kind
-- We're brothers of the same mind, unblind
-- Caught in the middle and
-- Not surrenderin'
-- I don't rhyme for the sake of of riddlin'
-- Some claim that I'm a smuggler
-- Some say I never heard of 'ya
-- A rap burgler, false media
-- We don't need it do we?
-- It's fake that's what it be to 'ya, dig me?
-- Don't believe the hype...
-- Don't believe the hype - its a sequel
-- As an equal, can I get this through to you
-- My 98's boomin' with a trunk of funk
-- All the jealous punks can't stop the dunk
-- Comin' from the school of hard knocks
-- Some perpetrate, they drink Clorox
-- Attack the black, cause I know they lack exact
-- The cold facts, and still they try to Xerox
-- Leader of the new school, uncool
-- Never played the fool, just made the rules
-- Remember there's a need to get alarmed
-- Again I said I was a timebomb
-- In the daytime the radio's scared of me
-- 'Cause I'm mad, plus I'm the enemy
-- They can't c'mon and play with me in primetime
-- 'Cause I know the time, plus I'm gettin' mine
-- I get on the mix late in the night
-- They know I'm livin' right, so here go the mike, sike
-- Before I let it go, don't rush my show
-- You try to reach and grab and get elbowed
-- Word to herb, yo if you can't swing this
-- Just a little bit of the taste of the bass for you
-- As you get up and dance at the LQ
-- When some deny it, defy if I swing bolos
-- Then they clear the lane I go solo
-- The meaning of all of that
-- Some media is the whack
-- You believe it's true, it blows me through the roof
-- Suckers, liars get me a shovel
-- Some writers I know are damn devils
-- For them I say don't believe the hype
-- Yo Chuck, they must be on a pipe, right?
this line stays!
-- Their pens and pads I'll snatch
-- 'Cause I've had it
-- I'm not an addict fiendin' for static
-- I'll see their tape recoreder and grab it
-- No, you can't have it back silly rabbit
-- I'm going' to my media assassin
-- Harry Allen, I gotta ask him
-- Yo Harry, you're a writer, are we that type?
-- Don't believe the hype
-- I got flavor and all those things you know
-- Yeah boy, part two bum rush and show
-- Yo Griff, get the green black red and
-- Gold down countdown to Armageddon
-- -88 you wait the S1Ws will
-- Rock the hard jams - treat it like a seminar
-- Teach the bourgeoise, and rock the boulevard
-- Some sau I'm negative
-- But they're not positive
-- But what I got to give...
-- The media says this
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