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* READTHEM: Add "Monad Transformers Step by Step", a very good

  primer on the way Pugs's Eval monad works: 

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@@ -35,13 +35,15 @@ Yet Another Haskell Tutorial - Hal Daume III
(partial PDF -> KWID transcription in docs/yaht.kwid)
Haskell Mini-Primer (this covers infix $ and . operators)
+Monad Transformers Step by Step - Martin Grabmüller
Harrorth implementation journal - Yuval Kogman
All About Monads - Jeff Newbern
-how i/o can work in a purely functional language
+How I/O can work in a purely functional language - Evan Martin
-applications of monads
+Applications of monads - Evan Martin
You Could Have Invented Monads! (And Maybe You Already Have.)

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