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Modifying my topic slightly

Parsing HTTP is going to be more involved than I like. I'm going to stick to something I've already done to demonstrate grammars. I think it will be better anyway.
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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Please add your topic and name after each day that you plan to take.
12 tbrowder: Avoiding User Namespace Pollution with Perl 6 Modules
13 RabidGravy: audio streaming done completely wrong.
14 cygx: Targetting MoarVM: The Wrong Way [tentative]
-15 zostay: Using Grammars to Parse HTTP
+15 zostay: Using Grammars to Parse File Globs
16 ugexe: The Meta spec, Distribution, and CompUnit::Repository explained-ish
17 jnthn: Testing in virtual time
18 RabidGravy: asynchronous workflow

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