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This directory is for perl 6 end-user docs, the equivalent of the
perldoc distributed with perl 5.

The contents of this directory are hierarchical rather than having a
flat space.

    Perl6::Doc::Intro          intro to perl 6 (equiv to perlintro)
    Perl6::Doc::Reference::*   language reference
    Perl6::Doc::Tutorial::*    tutorials 
    Perl6::Doc::FAQ::*         FAQs

All this is subject to change depending on what seems necessary, but for
the moment, the general scheme is that the top level of the namespace is
"type of documentation" and then under that is "topic of documentation".
So you might have Perl6::Doc::Reference::Objects and

There will be a p6doc command, equivalent to the perldoc command, such
that 'p6doc Foo::Bar' is equivalent to 'perldoc Perl6::Doc::Foo::Bar'.

The files in this directory here in the pugs code tree skip the
Perl6::Doc prefix because it's unnecessary for our current purposes.
We'll need a tool to bundle up the contents of this dir under Perl6::Doc
and push them out to CPAN.


Here's my plan of attack.

1. Go through perlintro (from perl 5) and rewrite it for Perl 6

2. As I go along, take notes for perl5-to-6 transition docs

3. Go through the general language reference perl 5 docs (eg perlsyn,
perlop, perlfunc, perldata), rewriting for perl 6.  

4. Deal with stuff like tutorials and FAQs last, unless they happen to
come up as I go along.