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cgi-bin [examples] more STD cleanup Jun 9, 2009



This is the first Pugs/Perl 6 web application, a memory game.
Added to the repository just for fun, without any warranty (it
means that the code may contain non secure parts, it's not
commented, and it has no style - ugly). It was hacked by
Andras Barthazi <andras@barthazi.hu>.

The images are from the net from different sites, no copyright
check was on them. If you think, that the image is copyrighted,
please contact with me or with the owner of the site this
program is downloaded from. The whole program is just for fun.

If you don't know, who's who, here is the list of the images:

 Card #1   - A funny Perl 6 book cover page
 Card #2   - A pug
 Card #3   - Larry Wall
 Card #4   - Leo Toetsch
 Card #5   - Andras Barthazi
 Card #6   - Dan Sugalski
 Card #7   - Audrey Tang
 Card #8   - Damian Conway
 Card #9   - Randal Schwartz
 Card #10  - A camel
 Card #11  - A parrot
 Card #12  - A Haskell symbol


It's a CGI application. Setup your favourite web server to
run it. The cgi-bin directory is for running the index.cgi,
for some includes and for storing the session variables.
The www directory is for the static things.

Add this virtual host setting to your httpd.conf, with
example.org and /path/to/pugs changed to your local settings:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName memory_game.example.org
    DocumentRoot /path/to/pugs/examples/cgi/memory_game/www
    ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /path/to/pugs/examples/cgi/memory_game/cgi-bin
    <Location />
        Allow from all

After that, just connect to http://memory_game.examples.org/ to
start the game.


Programming Perl 6 is fun. Playing games, too.