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A ruby transliteration of an old src/perl6/STD.pm


(1) Obtain ruby version 1.9 or later.
(2) Make it available in your PATH as "ruby1.9",
    or edit the #! line of STD_red_run.

Quick test:
  ./STD_red_run -e 42

Checking ruby version:
 $ ruby1.9 --version
 ruby 1.9.0 (2007-12-25 revision 14709) [...]
 $ ruby --version

Debian/Ubuntu install:
 As of June 2010,
 $ sudo apt-get ruby1.9
 For direct interactive use (not needed for elf), also
 $ sudo apt-get libreadline-ruby1.9

Fedora install:
 As of June 2010,
 Several years after debian got 1.9, fedora still doesn't have it.
 You'll have to build it yourself.
 After installing ruby 1.9 somewhere, create a ruby1.9 alias:
 # ln -s ruby ruby1.9

The rest of this file is quite old, and of little interest.

  ./STD_red_run -e 42

  time ((find ../../v6/v6-KindaPerl6/t/kp6/ -type f ; find ../../t/ -type f )| grep -v '\.svn' | sort | xargs -n 1 perl -e 'local $_=shift;exit if !/\.t$/;$r=system("./STD_red_run $_ > /dev/null 2>&1");print "",($r == 0 ? "-" : "X")," ",$_,"\n";' > test-status)
  ~5 minutes


Debian (testing aka "Lenny") error:
 `require': no such file to load -- readline (LoadError) from -e:1:in `<main>'
 Means you don't have libreadline-ruby1.9.
 But readline is now only loaded if you run the repl.

Regex reminders
  given { <a>+ <b>+ }
  token: /^ <a>+: <b>+: $/
  rule:  /^ <.ws> <a>+: <.ws> <b>+: <.ws> $/
  regex: /^ <a>+ <b>+ $/
which transliterate as
  token:  plusTOK{a} and plusTOK{b}
  rule:   wsp and plusTOK{a} and wsp and plusTOK{b} and wsp  #handwritten rules
  rule:           plusTOK{a} and wsp and plusTOK{b}          #in token rules #XXX hmm
  regex:  plusRX(lambda{ a }){ plusRX{ b }}
    # but note, <a> can't be a regex - we won't backtrack into it.

There are lots of regex ruls.  Only the two noted as backtracking in
comments actually do.

Re backtracking,
  plusRX et al, _do not backtrack into their subrules_.
  We are simplifying implementation by noting there are tokens everywhere.
  If there turns out to be a case of a regex with backtracking, containing
  a subrule which is itself a regex with backtracking, then we'll need to
  hand fudge passing a continuation to that subrule.  Very hopefully, the
  case won't arise.
  We're not making a regexp engine, nor a real Grammar.
  We're simply trying to get the ability to parse static p6, by the
  easiest possible development path.


Is not being used now, so you can ignore this section.

--yaml won't work under ruby 1.9 without a patch applied to 1.9's yaml.rb.
 *** But --yaml isn't being used now, so this is no longer needed.
Error ruby/1.9.0/yaml.rb:391:in `hash': can't convert Hash into Integer (TypeError)
ruby 1.9.0 yaml has a bug.  On some of Match objects, (eg, --yaml -e '3'),
.hash fails with : can't convert Hash into Integer (TypeError).
But 1.9's lookbehind provides 10x faster parsing than than our current 1.8 workaround.
So here is a patch to lib/ruby/1.9.0/yaml.rb:
--- yaml.rb.orig        2008-03-20 13:25:42.000000000 -0400
+++ yaml.rb     2008-03-20 13:26:03.000000000 -0400
@@ -386,6 +386,7 @@
         oid =
             case oid when Fixnum, NilClass; oid
+            when Hash,Array; oid.object_id
             else oid = "#{oid.object_id}-#{oid.hash}"
         out.emit( oid, &e )