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Scripts making it easier to run various perl6 implementations and components.

We have accumulated many implementations of
- perl6
- regex engines
- parsers of p6

Running them often requires knowing some non-obvious implementation
specific details, such as odd command lines, or what directory you
need to be in.

These scripts are intended to capture at least some of that knowledge,
to make it easier to play with different implementations/components.

They were created in March 2008, in the hope that having past work
more accessible would make it easier to, and clearer how to, proceed
towards Christmas.


sixcmd - runs various perl 6 implementations.
sixrx  - runs one (pcr) regex implementation.


I've mostly used sixcmd to help me remember how to invoke rakudo.

When PGE becomes capable of exporting some sort of Match info, that
could be added to sixrx, making it more useful.