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Partial change of match stack to a cursor stack, update bstack handling.

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pmichaud committed Oct 10, 2009
1 parent b0e696b commit 5ecd31941c3d6483f4751108d1b51b67704ceed7
Showing with 39 additions and 65 deletions.
  1. +39 −65 src/Regex/Cursor.pir
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ grammars.
load_bytecode 'P6object.pbc'
.local pmc p6meta
p6meta = new 'P6metaclass'
$P0 = p6meta.'new_class'('Regex::Cursor', 'attr'=>'$!target $!from $!pos $!match $!action @!bstack @!mstack')
$P0 = p6meta.'new_class'('Regex::Cursor', 'attr'=>'$!target $!from $!pos $!match $!action @!bstack @!cstack')
$P0 = box 0
set_global '$!generation', $P0
.return ()
@@ -177,54 +177,46 @@ the address of a label to branch to when backtracking occurs.)
.param int rep
.param int pos
.param int mark
.param pmc subcur :optional
.param int has_subcur :opt_flag
# cptr contains the desired number of elements in the cstack
.local int cptr
cptr = 0
# Initialize bstack if needed, and set cptr to be the cstack
# size requested by the top frame.
.local pmc bstack
bstack = getattribute self, '@!bstack'
unless null bstack goto have_bstack
bstack = new ['ResizableIntegerArray']
setattribute self, '@!bstack', bstack
# Determine the size (mptr) of the saved match stack (mstack)
# for the last mark. If no matches have been saved,
# then mptr is -1.
.local int mptr
mptr = -1
if null bstack goto bstack_new
unless bstack goto bstack_done
$I0 = elements bstack
unless $I0 > 0 goto have_mptr
dec $I0
mptr = bstack[$I0]
# Now see if we need to preserve the current match.
.local pmc match, mstack
match = getattribute self, '$!match'
# If there isn't a current match, we don't need to preserve it.
if null match goto mstack_done
# If no match stack has been created, do that now.
mstack = getattribute self, '@!mstack'
unless null match goto mstack_done
mstack = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
setattribute self, '@!mstack', mstack
# If the current match is the same as the last saved match,
# we don't need a new entry on the stack.
if mptr < 0 goto mstack_set
$P0 = mstack[mptr]
$I1 = issame $P0, match
if $I1 goto mstack_done
# Put the current match object on the match stack and note
# its location in mptr.
inc mptr
mstack[mptr] = match
cptr = bstack[$I0]
goto bstack_done
bstack = new ['ResizableIntegerArray']
setattribute self, '@!bstack', bstack
# If a new subcursor is being pushed, then save it in cstack
# and change cptr to include the new subcursor.
unless has_subcur goto subcur_done
.local pmc cstack
cstack = getattribute self, '@!cstack'
unless null cstack goto have_cstack
cstack = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
setattribute self, '@!cstack', cstack
cstack[cptr] = subcur
inc cptr
# Save our mark frame information.
push bstack, mark
push bstack, pos
push bstack, rep
push bstack, mptr
push bstack, cptr
@@ -238,7 +230,7 @@ If C<mark> is zero, return information about the latest frame.
.sub '!mark_peek' :method
.param int tomark
.local pmc bstack, mstack
.local pmc bstack
bstack = getattribute self, '@!bstack'
if null bstack goto no_mark
unless bstack goto no_mark
@@ -249,7 +241,7 @@ If C<mark> is zero, return information about the latest frame.
bptr = bptr - 4
if bptr < 0 goto no_mark
.local int rep, pos, mark, mptr
.local int rep, pos, mark, cptr
mark = bstack[bptr]
unless tomark goto bptr_done
unless mark == tomark goto bptr_loop
@@ -259,11 +251,11 @@ If C<mark> is zero, return information about the latest frame.
inc $I0
rep = bstack[$I0]
inc $I0
mptr = bstack[$I0]
.return (rep, pos, mark, bptr, bstack, mptr)
cptr = bstack[$I0]
.return (rep, pos, mark, bptr, bstack, cptr)
.return (0, -2, 0, -4, bstack, -1)
.return (0, -2, 0, 0, bstack, 0)
@@ -280,29 +272,11 @@ values of repetition count, cursor position, and mark (address).
.param int mark
# Get the frame information for C<mark>.
.local int rep, pos, mark, bptr, mptr
.local int rep, pos, mark, bptr, cptr
.local pmc bstack
(rep, pos, mark, bptr, bstack, mptr) = self.'!mark_peek'(mark)
# Now, restore the match object in effect at the time the mark was taken.
.local pmc match, mstack
null match
# If the mark frame's mptr is less than zero, the match object is null.
if mptr < 0 goto mstack_done
# Otherwise, retrieve the correct match object from @!mstack
mstack = getattribute self, '@!mstack'
if null mstack goto mstack_done
match = mstack[mptr]
# Adjust mstack to the size needed by the next lowest mark frame.
if bptr <= 0 goto mstack_done
$I0 = bptr - 1
$I1 = bstack[$I0]
inc $I1
assign mstack, $I1
setattribute self, '$!match', match
(rep, pos, mark, bptr, bstack, cptr) = self.'!mark_peek'(mark)
unless bptr >= 0 goto done
if null bstack goto done
assign bstack, bptr
.return (rep, pos, mark)

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