Array attributes silently don't work #12

moritz opened this Issue Jan 29, 2011 · 2 comments


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moritz commented Jan 29, 2011

class A {
    has @!x;
    method pushx($a) {
        pir::push(@!x, $a);
        say(pir::join('|', @!x));

# output: an empty line. Should be 42\n, IMHO

That's the same both in master and nom branch. Needs fixing :-)


jnthn commented Jan 29, 2011

Also needs fixing in nqpclr.


ghost commented Feb 2, 2011

This will ultimately depend on whether the underlying object model automatically binds @!x of self to an array object of some sort when a new instance is created (or first accessed). NQP cannot really force it to happen as part of scope initialization, like it can for local variables.


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