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Following in the steps of other open source projects that
eventually take over the world, here is the partial list
of people who have contributed to Rakudo and its supporting
works. It is sorted by name and formatted to allow easy
grepping and beautification by scripts.
The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W),
description (D), GitHub username (U) and snail-mail
address (S).
The NQP Team
PS: Yes, this looks remarkably like the Linux CREDITS format
PPS: This file is encoded in UTF-8
N: Daniel Arbelo Arrocha
U: darbelo
D: Minor code contributions (plumage)
N: Geoff Broadwell
U: japhb
D: Initial design and implementation of Plumage.
N: Jonathan "Duke" Leto
U: leto
D: Perl 6 (Rakudo Perl) developer
N: Jonathan Scott Duff
U: perlpilot
D: Perl 6 (Rakudo Perl) developer
N: Jonathan Worthington
U: jnthn
D: Replacing object model with 6model, new multi-dispatcher
N: Patrick R. Michaud
U: pmichaud
D: Perl 6 (Rakudo Perl) lead developer, pumpking
N: Stefan O'Rear
U: sorear
D: Lexical persistance, POD, and other miscellaneous contributions
N: Stephen Weeks
U: tene
D: Assorted contributions (plumage)
N: Vasily Chekalkin
U: bacek
D: Work on bringing Settings to NQP based on Plumage's NQPUtils.
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