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Bootstrapping procedure for nqp-rx

NPQ-rx is a bootstrapped compiler, which means that it uses itself to compile itself.

To make the first compilation possible, a compiled version of the compiler is stored in /src/stage0/*.pir and included in the source code repository. Also the parrot virtual machine ships the same stage0/*.pir files.

When you make changes to the compiler, eventually you need to update these stage0 files.

Here is how you proceed to update the bootstrapping files nqp-rx and parrot. At any stage, if make test fails, don't go ahead with the following steps, but fix the problem first.

  • Make your changes, run make test
  • Run make bootstrap-files and make test
  • Commit the non-bootstrap files that you modified yourself
  • Commit the bootstrap files
  • Copy the stage0 files over to parrot:
        cp src/stage0/*.pir $PARROT_SRC/ext/nqp-rx/src/stage0
  • In the parrot source, run make test and commit


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