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Overview of nqp repository directory structure:
3rdparty/ - 3rd-party C libraries
dyncall/ - dyncall library
libtommath/ - bigint support
sha1/ - sha hash library
docs/ - documentation for NQP
examples/ - NQP examples (some obsolete)
6model - 6model C sources
cheats - obsolete
core - NQP core runtime types
gen - work directory for build
guts - multidispatch routines
HLL - base classes for building HLL compilers
NQP - NQP compiler sources
ops - NQP-specific Parrot opcode sources
pmc - NQP-specific Parrot object types
PAST - obsolete (but not removable yet)
QAST - code for QAST types, QAST to VM compiler
QRegex - P6Regex to QAST compiler
Regex - obsolete (but not removable yet)
stage? - build directories
t/ - tests
hll/ - HLL library tests (?)
nqp/ - NQP language tests
qregex/ - QRegex tests
qast/ - QAST tests
p5regex/ - P5 regex tests
pmc/ - Parrot PMC regression tests
setting/ - ???
serialization/ - NQP serializer tests
tools/ - scripts and Perl 5 libraries for configure+build NQP
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