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Update a test to use the new NQPCursor type.

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1 parent 2da67f4 commit 124f95e7170ce5f3446a81cf0f341cdd3db33644 @jnthn jnthn committed Nov 15, 2011
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  1. +4 −4 t/nqp/50-regex.t
@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@
-ok(Regex::Cursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(0)),
+ok(NQPCursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(0)),
'Can parse "a" with <alpha> and :p(0)');
-ok(!Regex::Cursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(1)),
+ok(!NQPCursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(1)),
'Can parse "a" with <alpha> :p(off-range)');
-ok(!Regex::Cursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :c(1)),
+ok(!NQPCursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :c(1)),
'Can parse "a" with <alpha> :c(off-range)');
-ok(!Regex::Cursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(5)),
+ok(!NQPCursor.parse('a', :rule(/<alpha>/), :p(5)),
'Can parse "a" with <alpha> :p(far-off-range)');
ok(?('ABC' ~~ /:i abc/), ':i works with literals');

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