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PPS: This file is encoded in UTF-8
+N: Daniel Arbelo Arrocha
+U: darbelo
+D: Minor code contributions (plumage)
+N: Geoff Broadwell
+U: japhb
+D: Initial design and implementation of Plumage.
N: Jonathan "Duke" Leto
U: leto
D: Perl 6 (Rakudo Perl) developer
@@ -31,4 +41,14 @@ U: pmichaud
D: Perl 6 (Rakudo Perl) lead developer, pumpking
+N: Stephen Weeks
+U: tene
+D: Assorted contributions (plumage)
+N: Vasily Chekalkin
+U: bacek
+D: Work on bringing Settings to NQP based on Plumage's NQPUtils.

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