Can't do a second evaluation in the REPL #10

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masak commented Apr 30, 2011
$ ./nqp
> say(42);
> say(42);
Null PMC access in find_method('new')

Same with any other commands, not just 'say(42);'.

<jnthn> ooh...I think I know what might be up with the REPL...
<jnthn> Looks like it create a new view of GLOBAL for each inner scope and thus loses the outer one.
<jnthn> Meaning symbols get lost 
<masak> aha.
coke commented Sep 8, 2012

second line now dies with:

Method 'push_lexpad' not found for invocant of class 'NQPMu'

jnthn commented Sep 15, 2012

Fixed in 81a27e9.

@jnthn jnthn closed this Sep 15, 2012
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