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Need BUILD/bless and a new that takes *%args #3

jnthn opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Perl 6 member

Get some simple constructor/BUILD support in place in NQPMu.

Perl 6 member

nqp now supports .bless and .new with *%args.

Since I didn't find any support for submethods, I left BUILD out for now.

Perl 6 member

According to @jnthn, submethods aren't planned so far, so I'm closing this for now. If we ever implement them we can reopen this issue.

@arnsholt arnsholt closed this
@pmurias pmurias added a commit that referenced this issue
@pmurias pmurias [js] Continuations are just starting to partially work
my $savecont;
nqp::continuationreset(nqp::null(), -> {
    nqp::continuationcontrol(0, nqp::null(), -> $cont {
        $savecont := $cont;
nqp::continuationinvoke($savecont, -> {  });

prints stuff in the right order.
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