Segfault when no multi matches #49

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masak commented Jul 28, 2012

<pmurias> is it normal for nqp code to segfault when it's unable to match a multi?
<moritz> I hope not :-)
<moritz> nqp: class A { }; proto f(*@args) {*}; multi f(A $x) { say('A') }; f('str')
<p6eval> nqp: OUTPUT«(signal SEGV)»
<masak> o.O
* masak submits nqpbug
<moritz> pmurias: I'm sure that's not intended behavior :-)

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jnthn Sep 15, 2012


The segfault is now fixed.


jnthn commented Sep 15, 2012

The segfault is now fixed.

@jnthn jnthn closed this Sep 15, 2012

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