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(These have been rebased and retested against pmichaud's latest commits)

Here are two patches to improve handling of the --target option. The first simply validates that the given target is a valid member of @!stages and panics if not. The second enables --target={parse,past,post,evalpmc} when run with -e. PAST output is currently broken, but that issue is unrelated to these patches.

Fitz Elliott


ghost commented Jul 25, 2011

Thanks for the patches! However, I don't want to enforce validation on --target -- it's entirely valid for a compiler to intercept --target without having to place it as an explicit stage. The fix for --target=pir and -e is somewhat close to what I want, but I'm really looking for a cleaner refactor that works with both interactive mode and command_line output.


pmichaud closed this Jul 25, 2011

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