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kboga commented May 31, 2012

fix: plan
refactor: making code for list generation
add: list_(n,s) ops

just an experiment :)


kboga commented May 31, 2012

It should be trivial to add the Fixed(PMC|Integer|Float|String)Array forms as well.
Not sure how their ops should be named though.

Unless we really think we need Resizable{Integer|Float|String}Array types, I'd be against including them. The point is to come up with the smallest set of operations we need, not to interface to everything that happens to be in Parrot.



kboga commented May 31, 2012

You are absolutely right of course :)
Seeing the list & list_i I thought there was some code duplication.
So refactored that and then I got too excited and added them all.
Anyways was just experimenting here.

Feel free to close instead of merging

jnthn closed this Oct 7, 2012

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