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CHAPTERS =src/00-preface.pod
# If you're on a Mac, and installed Inkscape via MacPorts, you might want to
# manually uncomment the next line, and remove the one after it.
#INKSCAPE = /Applications/
INKSCAPE = inkscape
default: build/nqpbook.pdf
release: build/book.pdf
cp build/nqpbook.pdf build/nqpbook-$$(date +"%Y-%m").pdf
#build/mmd-table.pdf: src/mmd-table.svg
# $(INKSCAPE) --export-pdf=build/mmd-table.pdf -D src/mmd-table.svg
build/nqpbook.html: $(CHAPTERS) bin/book-to-html
perl bin/book-to-html $(CHAPTERS) > build/nqpbook.html
build/nqpbook.pdf: build/nqpbook.tex
cd build && pdflatex nqpbook.tex && pdflatex nqpbook.tex
build/nqpbook.tex: $(CHAPTERS) bin/book-to-latex
perl bin/book-to-latex $(CHAPTERS) > build/nqpbook.tex
rm -rf build/*
.PHONY: clean
# vim: set noexpandtab